Search for Alternative Occupations of Tobacco Producers

The aim of the project has been the implementation of pilot plots of energy crops and the study of all transactions between the interconnected parts of the biofuel supply chain. The main goal has been to assess the technical and financial potential of bioenergy crops as incentives for former tobacco farmers. Equally important for the purposes of this project has been the dissemination of generated knowledge to tobacco growers as well as local communities.  The project has been carried out with the participation of the Agricultural University of Athens and the University of Thessaly and its ouptut in terms of final deliverables included among others: a synopsis of the current situation of the Greek biofuel supply chain, 2. the installation of pilot / demonstration fields and 3. the analysis of the technical and economic data collected in the pilot fields , and of the institutional constraints in order to propose an optimal business model for farmers who wished to engage in the Greek biofuel supply chain.

Participating Faculty and Staff: 
Starting Date: 
2 004
Ending Date: 
2 006
Funded by: 
European Tobacco Fund