AGRERI informs and enhances public and private decision-making on economic, social and policy issues related to agriculture, food, natural resources, and sustainable rural development.Our research promotes consumer well-being, the competitiveness of agriculture and the food sector, the sustainable use of natural resources, the quality of the production and living environment, and the vitality of the countryside.

Research within AGRERI is conducted by small, focused, interdisciplinary groups. The following areas are emphasized:

  • Agribusiness Economics
  • Management, and Organization
  • Agricultural Cooperatives and Collective Entrepreneurship
  • Contract agriculture
  • Food security, poverty and agricultural development.
  • Agricultural policy
  • Environmental and natural resource economics
  • Management and economics of innovation and technology

Strategic Goals:

AGRERI's work addresses the following strategic goals:

  • A competitive food supply chain
  • A safe food supply
  • A healthy, well-nourished population
  • Harmony between agriculture and the environment.
  • Developing innovations and know-how for the benefit of society.
  • Training in and through research.
  • Through its expertise, informing decision-making by public and private sector players.
  • Producing and disseminating scientific knowledge.
  • An enhanced quality of life for rural Greeks.

Collaboration - Partners:

AGRERI's network includes many academic and research organizations in Greece and abroad. AGRERI has an active partnership policy with the socio-economic world: agricultural organizations, private companies, local authorities and public authorities which call upon the expertise of AGRERI scientists on the national, European and international levels. Recent international research partnerships include: The University of Western Australia in Perth, the University of Missouri and the University of Washington, USA, The Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands, the Royal Agricultural University, Denmark, INRA, France, PENSA, Brazil, etc.