Gerasimoula Angelopoulou


Phone number/Ext.: 
+30 210 2755086 / 6
Research Staff

Gerasimoula Angelopoulou (Economist; Statistician MSc), is a research assistant at AGRERI. She has a strong expertise in the analysis of farm-level data using various statistical tools. Her main interests focus on the analytic tools used in the economics of agribusiness organization, supply chain management, and the economics of biofuel chains.During her employment at AGRERI she has participated in numerous EU and national research projects and studies. She has been serving into several posts, including the Director of the administrative, Financial & Legal Affairs Department of the Foundation for over 8 years. Ms Angelopoulou received her BA in Statistics and Insurance Science from the University of Piraeus, Greece (1991), and her MS in Development Economics and International Co-operation (MESCI) from the University of Rome, Tor Vergata (2008).